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Cohorn Family, Of Lexington, Suffers Tragedy At Hands Of Drunk Driver

The Cohorn family was traveling from Indiana when the vehicle they were in was hit head-on by a drunk driver. The Kentucky car crash happened on U.S. 60 in Woodford County, Kentucky around 10:00 p.m. last Sunday. Alfonso Diaz-Diaz, age 26 was traveling west in the eastbound lane and struck the Cohorn’s vehicle. Mr. Diaz-Diaz has been charged with multiple criminal counts, including DUI and Manslaughter.

Tragically, the car crash killed 5 year old Blake Cohorn and seriously injured Blake’s mother, Wendi Gohorn, and Blake’s father, Rocky Cohorn, Both of whom are presently being treated at UK Hospital. Blake’s two siblings were treated and released from medical care, and are fortunately not seriously injured. Blake’s uncle, Danny Cohorn, was treated for head and facial injuries at Frankfort Hospital.

Not only will Mr. Diaz-Diaz be subject to criminal prosecution, but the Cohorn family can also seek civil justice under Kentucky law for the death of Blake Cohorn and the personal injuries suffered by the other family members hurt in the auto accident. The Cohorn’s are suffering the personal loss of Blake’s life and suffering financially from this tragedy. Under Kentucky law, the Cohorns can seek civil compensation for their damages from this accident, which will include lost wages, medical bills, pain & suffering, out of pocket expenses, and emotional trauma. Not only will the family have Kentucky civil personal injury claims, but they will also have a Kentucky Wrongful Death claim.

The Cohorn family will have a Kentucky Wrongful Death claim related to Blake’s death. As such the family, via an Estate established legally for Blake, can seek to force Mr. Diaz-Diaz, potentially others, and various insurance companies linked to this tragedy, to pay out monetary damages related to Blake’s death, which would include a lifetime of lost earnings of Blake, which he would have earned over his lifetime. This claim will also involve a loss of consortium of the family, which relates to the surviving family members who have lost the love and affection of Blake.

Potentially there may be others also liable for this crash under various legal theories, including dram shop liability related to the over serving of alcohol to Mr. Diaz-Diaz prior to the crash. All of which needs to be thoroughly examined by knowledgeable legal representatives of the Cohorn family.

Justice in this case deserves both criminal and civil prosecutions of the facts that lead up to and caused this tragedy. The Ackerson Law Offices civilly prosecute and bring to justice DUI related Kentucky auto accidents and are available to the public at large to answer any questions about the legal rights of families tragically impacted by drunk drivers. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Cohorn family at this time tragedy.

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