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Car Hits Ambulance In Meade County, Kentucky, EMTs Injured

Initial reports by the Kentucky State Police indicate that a 2008 Pontiac driven by a Sarah Hottell failed to stop at an intersection and struck and ambulance and then hit a Volkswagen. This Kentucky auto accident occurred in Meade County on KY 313 and KY 333. Ms. Hottell died at the scene from the accident injuries and her 10 month old infant was transported to Kosair Children’s Hospital with minor injuries.

The EMTs in the ambulance, Todd Flory and Michael Wise, were ejected from their vehicle and suffered severe injuries. They were taken to University of Louisville Hospital. The driver of the Volkswagen that was hit, Maria Williams, was taken to Hardin Memorial Hospital. From the reports, this appears to be an automobile accident caused by the fault of Ms. Hottell. As such she and her automobile insurance carrier will be responsible for the damages caused by this car crash. Ms. Williams, Mr. Flory, and Mr. Wise, will all have claims against Ms. Hottell, due to her negligence. Mr. Flory and Mr. Wise, in addition to a workers compensation claim, will be able to make a 3rd party negligence claim against Ms. Hottell’s estate and insurance coverage.

The potential problem with this accident and the chance for the victims to seek justice is that there may not be enough insurance coverage to cover all the damages. Fortunately the workers comp will help to provide coverage and there may also be additional coverage from other policies available. This is an instance where every possible policy needs to be considered, including the policies of the victims for uninsured and/or underinsured coverage.

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