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Two Young Men Killed And Six Others Injured In Single Car Crash On Ky 1469

Alexander Tipton, age 18, and Johnathan Newsome, age 18, were both killed in a Kentucky car crash. Six other passengers in the vehicle also suffered injuries. Police reports indicate that a Ford Mustang, being driven Mr. Newsome, attempted to make a u-turn onto Ky 1469 and struck an embankment. Reports indicate that no one was wearing a seat belt. The accident is still under investigation.

Passengers injured in motor vehicle accidents are afforded PIP/No-fault insurance coverage to pay for initial medical bills and other damages, including lost wages due to injuries. The six injured passengers, based upon their injuries will be able to file claims for such insurance assistance, and based upon the severity of their injuries, they may want to instruct the insurance company to withhold all payments of such funds until such time that hey can direct payments in a manner that most effectively assists them in their various situations. In addition to the PIP claims, the surviving passengers may also have Kentucky Personal Injury Claims.

Based upon what every caused the accident to occur, all the occupants of the car may have legal claims stemming from the accident and cause thereof. In cases like this it’s important to have an accident re-construction performed to determine what factors lead to the crash. Those killed in the crash may have Kentucky Wrongful Death Claims. At this point, and until it is determined what fully happened in this crash, the legal claim status of those involved is yet to be determined.

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