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Two Victims Killed In Hit & Run Accident In Morgan County, Kentucky

Liz Thornsberry, age 41, of Ezel, and Tony Ross, age 48, of Clearfield, were killed after they were run over by a hit and run driver in Morgan County, Kentucky. This tragic accident happened Saturday night shortly after 7:00 p.m. The reports indicate that Ms. Thornsberry and Mr. Ross were at Jasper’s Bar, when Mr. Ross left on foot and Ms. Thornsberry followed him in her vehicle. When police arrived at the scene of the crash, they found both Ms. Thornsberry and Mr. Ross were outside of the vehicle and had been hit by a suspected full size GMC truck. Police are still looking for the driver of the truck that struck these two people. Anyone with information and knowledge of a truck that has sustained recent damage should contact the Kentucky State Police with that information.

The families of both Ms. Thornsberry and Mr. Ross have legal claims related to this accident and the unknown driver. These legal rights/claims stem from a civil legal cause of action for Wrongful Death (Click here for more information on Kentucky Wrongful Death Claims). Under such a claim, the family of the deceased can seek civil legal damages and monetary compensation for the deaths of their loved ones. Such compensation includes a claim and calculation for the lost lifetime earning capacity of the deceased. The families can, in addition to seeking civil redress against the driver of the truck that struck their loved ones, seek other claims against possible other insurance contracts/policies related to this accident and/or other motor vehicle coverage/insurance.

Answers to questions about the legal rights of families who have lost a loved one in a Kentucky motor vehicle accident can be directed to Kentucky Wrongful Death attorney Brent T. Ackerson and the Ackerson Law Offices website,

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