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Tragic Car Accident In Pulaski County, Kentucky Kills One Drive And Injures Four Others


This Kentucky Car Accident happened on Tuesday night around 8:00 p.m. on Ky. 39 after a car crossed the center line of the road and struck an on-coming van. The driver of the car died from injuries from the crash, and two of the passengers of the car, 13 year old Emma Miracle and 19 year old Richard Clay Miracle were severely injured. The Driver of the van, 40 year old Michelle Smith, of Crab Orchard, and her passenger Samuel Smith were also both severely injured. All four injured persons were flown to UK Hospital for medical treatment.

Accident re-constructionists are still trying to piece together what caused this crash to occur.

The victims of this terrible crash will have Kentucky Personal Injury Claims that can be made to help them pay for their expected extensive and expensive medical bills. They will also be able to seek other compensation for their legal damages suffered, which will include pain & suffering.

At this point, due to the number of victims and the severity of their injuries, the legal concerns for these persons will be whether there is enough insurance to cover/pay for all the medical bills and the additional legal compensation they are entitled to under the law of Kentucky. Collateral sources of insurance coverage may be needed, including legally stacking policies and/or looking for underinsured coverage.

Persons injured in Kentucky motor vehicle accidents can seek answers to their questions about the legal rights of victims or how insurance cover applies to accident/how to maximize insurance coverage through the Ackerson Law Offices website. (

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