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To File A Legal Claim Or Not: When Accidents Happen That Involve Family Or Friends

When people are injured or killed due the potential negligence of a family or a friend, it can be challenging for legal claims to be made. The family of the person killed or the injured person may not want to been seen as placing blame upon their family or a close friends. People become worried that they may be viewed in a negative light from their family or friends for bring legal claims against another family member or a friend. Such feels are subjective and natural for suffering victims who were injured or have lost a loved one.

However, the reality of the situation is that persons injured or killed suffer not only emotional hardship, but also financial hardships for these types of accident. Expensive medical bills are incurred. Lost wages happen, which puts a financial strain upon families. There can be permanent injuries, or in the case of a death, there is a lifetime of lost love, companionship, and a lifetime of lost income that would have financially benefited the family. The objective view is that the family has suffered losses and there is compensation out there to assist and offset the losses of the injured person or family, via various insurance policies.

People carry insurance to cover the financial aspect of accidents and negligence claims. The insured have paid their premiums to insurance companies, who in return for these monies have policies that financially pay for the accidents and negligence of the policy holder. As such, when a family member or friend brings a claim against another family member or friend, they are merely trying to utilize the financial help and benefits that have already been paid for by the person who was potentially negligent. To not make a claim for coverage that has been paid for and is provided would only be adding to the profits of the insurance companies, and continue the full detriment to the injured of their family.

When people make legal insurance claims due to negligence, they do not have to attempt to take the personal assets of their friend or family member who may have been negligent, but rather they can elect to only go after the insurance proceeds. As such, friends and family members should be more at ease making legal claims as such claims can be seen as only trying to offset the emotional financial losses from a large insurance companies, and not meant to financially hardship their friends or family members. When people suffer from injuries or family members suffer the loss of a loved one, it is important to recognize that they are not in a position to be thinking objectively about the best route to protecting their legal claims. Often they will be immediately contacted by the insurance companies, who are not seeking to help, but rather seeking to protect the insurance companies’ position to not pay out insurance coverage and/or pay as little as possible of the coverage limits. Thus the insurance companies are protecting their profits. Good legal advice is important for families to have when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. The sooner the better for victims.

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