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Timothy Austin Hagedorn Killed In Boating Accident On Ohio River

Another tragic Kentucky waterway accident has occurred. Timothy Austin Hagedorn, age 17, was killed in a boat accident on the Ohio River. Hagedorn and four others where in a runabout boat when their boat collided with a larger boat. Hagedorn and his four friends were thrown from their boat in the accident. Hagedorn’s four friends were taken to University Hospital for their injuries, and Hagedorn’s body was recovered. He died from the boat crash. None of the passengers on the larger boat were injured. Boating can be very dangerous due to the lack of defined travel paths. Boat owners owe a duty to others to be cautious, in full control of their boat, and mindful of other boats.

Someone is responsible for the negligence that resulted in this tragic accident that took the life of Timothy Austin Hagedorn. That or those parties are legally liable to the Estate of Timothy Austin Hagedorn and his family for this life lost.

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