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Stacy Ellison Killed In Head-On Car Crash

Mr. Stacy Ellison, age 37, of Louisville, Kentucky was killed last Friday in a car crash driving across the Clark Memorial Bridge. Mr. Ellison was driving his Ford Taurus northbound across the bridge when a southbound pickup truck lost control and entered Mr. Ellison’s lane and caused a head-on crash. The impact of the vehicles was so severe that Mr. Ellison had to be cut from his vehicle. The auto accident happened around 12:30 p.m., and Mr. Ellison was pronounced dead at UL Hospital at 1:18 p.m. Witnesses state that the cause of the pickup entering the wrong lane of traffic appears to be related to the driver of the pickup having a seizure.

Mr. Ellison’s family and his Estate will have extensive injury and death claims related to this accident. This is a situation where a wrongful death action will empower the Estate and family to seek legal compensation for the accident, the medical bills related to eh accidents injuries, the pain and suffering Mr. Ellison suffered from point of impact until his death, and lost income that Mr. Ellison would have earned over his lifetime. Due to the substantial sums that will likely be involved, it will be necessary to examine all sorts of different insurance policies to ensure that every bit of coverage is afforded to the Estate and the family to cover and compensate for the issues involved here.

Due to the nature of the accident and the facts involved, this is not a case of an intentional act that caused a death, but rather the claims are that of negligence. Even in cases of negligence, the Ellison family is still entitled to seek legal justice for their loss.

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