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Passenger Andrea Ribelin Hurt In Single Car Accident Attributed To Hydroplaning In Graves County, Kentucky

A single vehicle Kentucky motorvehicle crash Sunday morning on Purchase Parkway in Graves County, near mile marker 29. Reports indicate that the crash happened around 2:45 a.m. when a vehicle driven by Maranda Helsley, age 21, hydroplaned, left the roadway, and hit a tree. Ms. Helsley and the passenger in her vehicle, Andrea Ribelin, age 20, were both taken to Jackson Purchase Medical center to be treated for their injuries.

Both the Driver and the passenger of this single vehicle crash will be afforded PIP insurance coverage under the policy that insures the vehicle. PIP coverage is also known as Kentucky No Fault Coverage, wherein under Kentucky law, at least $10,000.00 in coverage is afforded to each person in the vehicle. Ms. Ribelin, as a passenger will also be able to make a claim against the insurance bodily injury portion of the policy, as she was a passenger and under Kentucky law the driver had a duty to the passenger to maintain the vehicle in safe operating condition and control, regardless of the excessive water on the roadway which caused the vehicle to hydroplane. As such, the passenger in this instance is afforded greater insurance protection and coverage. The coverage available for the passengers injured in motor vehicle crashes is greater explained in this Link to Legal Damages (click here for LINK to the Ackerson Law Offices personal injury damages page).

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