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One Person Killed In Indianapolis Motor Vehicle Crash

On Friday, SR 37 was shut down on the south side of Indianapolis due to a motor vehicle accident. The accident occurred near the Banta Road intersection during the early morning hours.

It has been reported that the accident was caused by a wrong-way driver. The accident involved a Toyota Corolla going southbound in a northbound lane which then caused a head-on collision with a Honda traveling the proper direction.

The 24 year old driver of the Honda was taken to Wishard Hospital to be treated for injures from the accident. The driver of the Toyota, Trent Schmidt, died at the scene of the accident.

It is yet to be determined if alcohol played a role in this fatal crash. It occurred at 4:00 a.m. and involved a driver going the wrong way down the road. No matter what contributed to the accident, this is clearly a case of fault on the part of the wrong-way driver. The injured 24 year old Honda driver will be able to recover his expenses from this accident, which will include lost wages, medical bill, and compensation for pain & suffering.

In cases like this where one party is so grossly negligent to drive the wrong direction on a road, it is important to look at where the negligent driver was coming from and what had he been doing prior to the accident. Questions arise whether some other party may also bear some fault in this accident, such as a bar that over served alcohol to the negligent driver.

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