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Neltina Ielase Injured In McCracken County Kentucky Car Crash

The accident happened on Saturday around 9:46 a.m. on Interstate I-24 in a construction zone. Mrs. Ielase was a passenger in a pickup driven by her husband James Ielase when a vehicle driven by 67 year old Larry Wells collided with the rear of the Ielase’s pickup. This Kentucky auto accident occurred in a construction zone where traffic had to merge from two lanes into one. Traffic at the time of the crash had come to a stop. Reports indicate that Mr. Wells failed to notice that traffic had stopped and was unable to avoid hitting the Ielase’s pickup. Neltina Ielase, age 49, was taken to the hospital due to injuries she suffered in the Kentucky motor vehicle accident. The James and Neltina Ielase are from Decatur, IL.

The Ielase family have legal rights under Kentucky law related to this accident. They have suffered legal damages and are entitled to be compensated under Kentucky law, not Illinois law, as the accident took place in Kentucky, for the injuries and financial hardship this accident has caused.

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