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Michael Amick Critically Injured While Walking On Sidewalk Due To Bicyclist On The Sidewalk

Michale Amick, age 38, of Louisville, Kentucky was critically injured while walking on the sidewalk across the Clark memorial Bridge. Mr. Amick was traveling his daily walk from his job in Jeffersonville to his home on Chestnut Street in Louisville, Kentucky when he was struck by a bicyclist and knock into oncoming traffic, where he suffered critical injuries from being struck by a car. The bicyclist was riding the bike on the sidewalk, which is illegal. Bicyclists are to ride their bikes on the road and follow the same traffic laws as motorists.

Mr. Amick has undergone surgery at University of Louisville Hospital, after he suffered head and abdominal trauma from this pedestrian injury. Mr. Amick’s injuries, medical attention and bills, and his lost wages from missing work related to this tragic accident, are all damages that he can recovery from the at fault party in this accident, that being the bicyclist.

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