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Mercer County, Kentucky Student Stuffed In A Bag By School Officials

Chris Baker, age 9, is autistic. On December 14, 2011, Mercer County School Officials stuffed Chris into a bag after he was described as “acting up.” When Chris’ mother, Sandra Baker, arrived Mercer County Intermediate School she found her son stuffed into a bag designed to hold athletic balls, with the bag’s opening tied shut. The school had left the boy in the bag in a hallway with a teacher’s aide sitting next to the bag. It has been reported that school officials have called this event a form of therapy for the boy.

This is shocking that a school would tie up and confine a child in this manner. From a legal prospective, the Baker family should seek legal assistance to pursue legal claims against the school officials responsible for this tragic form of child abuse. Actions like this must not go unchecked, and the Baker family would not only be doing a serve for Chris to pursue with legal action, but would also be doing a service for their entire community to ensure tat this sort of event is never again allowed to reoccur.

State education officials are investigating these matters. Chris and his family are entitled to seek legal damages from this tragic event.

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