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Louisville, Kentucky Woman Killed By Car While Getting Her Mail

A Jefferson County, Kentucky 74 woman died after injuries she sustained from being hit by a car while going to her mailbox. The woman was taken to the hospital after being hit and later died in the hospital. The driver of the car that hit has been reported to have looked away for a moment while driving and then when he looked back, he couldn’t avoid the woman who was at her mail box. This is a tragedy and an example of how even the slightest moment of not giving your driving the full attention it needs can result in a tragedy.

In cases where a person is struck by a car, there are numerous insurance factors that come into the equation of compensation for injuries, medical bills, and even a death. Insurance coverage that will need to be examined here will include PIP coverage, UIM coverage, UM coverage, and general liability coverage. These coverage examinations will include those of the driver of the car, those of the victim of the accident, and those of the persons living in the household of both. It is important to examine all potential coverage to ensure that all medical bills and damages are paid, in order to insure that the victim and her family are not left with expenses from this tragedy.

Additionally, factors such as comparative fault or allocating of fault to both parties will likely be a factor in this particular case. Allocation of fault becomes an argument by the insurance companies and defendants to avoid paying the full amount of compensation owed. In essence, the parties argue over whether the fault is on the part of only one party or does the victim share some percentage of responsibility. Based upon percentages, it is determined just how much the parties owe the victim to compensate for what has happened.

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