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Louisville, Kentucky Multi-vehicle Crash Kills One Person & Injures Three Others

After severe weather caused the overturning of multiple tractor-trailers, traffic along the Gene Snyder was delayed. It was during this delay that a male driving passenger van failed to slow or stop and struck the rear of a red Chevy Impala, killing the elderly female passenger and injuring the elderly male driver. The impact to the Impala was so severe that it caused two other vehicles to be collided with, a Camry and Hyundai SUV. Both drivers of the subsequent collision were injured.

The driver of the passenger van will be the at fault driver in this crash. This accident will involve numerous legal claims, being three personal injury claims for the drivers of the Impala, the Camry, and the Hyundai SUV. The Estate of the female passenger of the Impala will have a Kentucky Wrongful Death claim. Because of the severity of the accident, injuries, and the death, insurance coverage may become an issue in these matters.

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