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Louisville, Kentucky Jogger Hit By Drunk Driver

Louisville Metro Police are reporting that they have charged Katherine Schrewsbury with DUI, wanton endangerment and operating a motor vehicle without insurance. The charges stem from Ms. Schrewsbury driving intoxicated and hitting a jogger. The jogger was reported to have been pinned under the car and taken to University of Louisville Hospital to be treated for injuries for the accident.

This is a clear case of legal liability on the drunk driver. In such cases, the injured party can seek legal recovery of their medical expenses, lost wages, pain & suffering, and punitive damages to punish the drunk driver. However, because the drunk driver in this case has been charged with failure to have insurance, the case becomes more complicated in regards to the injured party’s ability to be compensated for the incident and injuries.

In cases like this, where insurance is questionable for the at-fault party, the Ackerson Law Offices use their experience with insurance companies to look for additional sources of recovery, including the insurance policies of the injured. The goal being to get the injured person the legal justice and compensation they need and deserve from such tragic accidents. The damages from a DUI related accident like this can be substantial, and its important to leave no stone unturned in looking for financial recovery for the victims.

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