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Louisville, Kentucky: Driver Runs Read Light & Kills One Woman & Injures Five Others

An automobile accident occurred Thursday around 5:30 p.m. in Louisville, Kentucky at the intersection of Southern Parkway and New Cut Road. The car wreck occurred near Iroquois Park. Witnesses reported that a blue Toyota Matrix was traveling south on Southern Parkway at a high rate of speed and ran through a red light. The Toyota then hit two other cars that were traveling northbound on New Cut Road. The cars on New Cut Road had a green traffic light and the right-a-way through the intersection. The cars hit by the Toyota were a Chrysler Sebring and a Dodge Stratus. The driver of the Chrysler Sebring was died at the scene of the accident. The passenger of the Chrysler and three others were taken to University of Louisville Hospital with serious injures.

This is a car wreck that is clearly the fault of the driver of the Toyota Matrix. The family of the driver of the Chrysler will have a wrongful death claim from this accident. The passenger from the Chrysler and the other three injured persons will have personal injury claims against the driver of the Toyota. Even if a person injured was a passenger in the Toyota, they will still have a claim against its driver, as the driver was the one in control of the vehicle and is the negligent at fault party for this terrible wreck. Damages from this accident, which will stem from legal claims against the driver of the Toyota will vary depending upon the circumstances, but all parties should be entitled to their medical bills, lost wages, pain & suffering, and with regards to the death of the driver of the Chrysler, the family will have a claim of a lifetime of lost earning capacity and potential loss of consortium claims.

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