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Louisville, Kentucky Crossover Accident: Barbara Prince Of Alabama Killed

Barbara Prince, age 67, of Mobile, Alabama, was killed in a car accident in Louisville, Kentucky. The accident happened in the 9700 block of Dixie Highway, and involved a pickup truck and a car that Prince was a passenger in. This is a crossover style Kentucky auto accident. Barbara Prince was taken from the scene of the accident to University Hospital, where she was pronounced dead around 2:43 p.m.

The Prince Family and the estate of Barbara Prince will have a very strong Kentucky wrongful death claim from this accident. The will also be the potential for multiple insurance coverages to apply to insure that the family is properly and legally compensated for their loss. The legal economic damages from this accident will include the medical bills related to the accident, pain and suffering from the point of the car crash through the time of death, and the lifetime of lost earning capacity of Ms. Prince.

While Ms. Prince was a resident of Alabama, this will be a Kentucky wrongful death claim, which will have to be handled and filed in Jefferson County, Kentucky, and under the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. In cases involving Kentucky auto accident deaths, it is important to immediately begin the legal investigation into what occurred, as things like cell phone records and texting records of the drivers are likely to be destroyed after a short period of time. Such records are very effective in proving negligence in these types of cases, and can substantiate a potential punitive damages award for gross negligence in the death of another.

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