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Kentucky Semi Accident On I-65 Kills 3 & Injures 4 Others

A fatal accident on I-65 near Elizabethtown, Kentucky has killed three people and sent four others to the hospital with injuries. The accident involved a FedEx semi-tractor trailer truck and a SUV. The reports indicate that the semi bumped the rear end of the SUV and sent the SUV out of control, eventually flipping over. The FedEx driver was not injured, but the other people injured and killed were all in the SUV. The three people killed were ejected from the SUV. The SUV’s driver and another adult passenger were taken to University Hospital with injuries and two children were taken to Kosair Children’s Hospital.

The SUV was traveling with a family from Chicago, who was returning from a wedding in Florida. What caused the semi to bump the rear end of the SUV is still being investigated. This is a tragedy for the family involved. This family, including the Estates of the three deceased family members, will be able to make legal claims against FedEx for the injuries and deaths that resulted from this accident. Justice will require that their medical bills be paid, lost wages be reimbursed, compensation be given for their pain & suffering, and in the cases of the deceased family members, Kentucky law will allow for their Estates to recovery the lifetime of lost earning potentials, which will be substantial.

Due to the nature of the accident, questions surrounding why the semi bumped the back of the SUV, and the amount of money involved in relation to the damages from this accident and lost lives, the family should seek an accident re-constructionist quickly to preserve evidence of what happened and who bears what fault. A large company like FedEx likely already has its experts on the scene to protect the company’s legal interests. Legal claims of this type are personal injury claims and wrongful death claims. There are statutes of limitations on these types of claims, and under Kentucky law there may be apportionment issues.

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