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Kentucky Motorcycle Accident Kills David Woosley

A car and a motorcycle collided last Saturday in Louisville, Kentucky, killing the motorcyclist David Woosley, of Louisville, KY. Woosley’s motorcycle was struck by a Saturn on the Watterson Expressway between the Dixie Highway and Cane Run Road exits. The driver of the Saturn, the passenger of Woosley’s motorcycle, and Woosley, were all taken to University Hospital, where Woosley died. Kentucky Motorcycle accidents usually result in serious injuries.

The wreck is still under investigation, and could result in multiple different legal claims, including personal injury claims or a wrongful death claim by Woosley’s family and Estate. Due to the serious nature of this crash, and a death, it is very important for all those potential claims to be handled by experienced legal teams to prepare the cases for presentation and determination as to fault in this accident.

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