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Kentucky JCPS School Bus Driver Resigns After Alleged Inappropriate Conduct With Student Passenger

655548_school_bus_red_light.jpgA Kentucky JCPS school bus driver has resigned after he was found in a park with a student who was also a passenger on his bus. Police found the male bus driver and the teenage girl in the park together over the weekend. The school bus driver was immediately suspended by the school system upon learning of the events, and then he subsequently resigned. It is alleged that the school bus drive had ton other occasion taken the girl to movies and out to eat.

This, at a minimum, is clearly a case of inappropriate activity with a person under the age of 18 by an adult in a position of authority. Further facts may point to this being much worse, as sexual activity may have occurred. This author and attorney believes that case like this are predatory in nature and cause much concern over the activity of these types of adults around children.

For more information on Kentucky’s child abuse or sexual abuse laws or the rights of people who rights of families who have had a child involved in an inappropriate situation involving an older person of authority, contact the Ackerson Law Offices and Kentucky child rights attorney Brent T. Ackerson at (502) 822-5176 or contact on line by by clicking here directly.

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