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Kentucky Apartment & Renter’s Insurance Coverage Is Important Fire Protection

895905_building_on_fire.jpgMost apartment fires in Kentucky can be devastating on all the residents of the building affected. Legal questions that arise when bad things happen to renters include: (i) whose fault is it that a person was injured or killed, (ii) who caused the fire, or (iii) whose going to pay for the items damaged by the fire. Renter’s insurance acts the same way as homeowners insurance, except that you are not insuring the building, only its contents and your liability. Apartment fires not only destroy the contents of the apartments where the fire spreads, but also the contents of the apartments around the fire are damaged by smoke and water, due to the fire and the extinguishing of such. Apartment fires cause serious injuries and even deaths frequently in Kentucky.

Renters insurance is extremely affordable for residents of apartments, and can run as little as $15.00 per month for insurance protection for liability, contents, and medical bills. That’s less than what the average person spends monthly on their newspaper subscription. The coverage afforded for this reasonable monthly cost usually includes: (i) 100,000.00 in liability insurance protection, (ii) $25,000.00 in content protection, and even a medical pay provision for guests who are injured and need medical attention.

If a person is injured in your apartment, and they claim it is your fault, the Renter’s insurance will provide liability coverage to protect you. Additionally, if a fire occurs in your apartment building, and it’s not your fault, then you will have insurance to protect you if the other person at fault doesn’t have insurance or the money to pay for the damages they have caused you. When a person steps back and calculates how much money they would need to repurchase everything from their tooth brush, to towels, to dishes, to their furniture, to clothes, and to electronics, they would quickly realize that if their apartment building had a large fire, they would not have enough money to get their life back to the point where it was prior to the fire. Renter’s insurance gives you that protection to pay for your losses, until such time as the proper at fault parties are identified and legal action is taken against them. For a small sum of money each month, you can protect yourself from accidents you may cause and accidents that others cause you to suffer.

For more information on the legal rights and obligations of persons who suffer property loss, personal injury, or death, related to an apartment fires or the negligence of another person, contact Kentucky personal injury attorney Brent T. Ackerson, by emailing Brent (by clicking here) or calling Brent directly at (502) 882-5176 with your legal question.

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