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Juanita Bailey Killed In Wolfe County Kentucky Car Crash

Juanita Bailey, age 47, and Lola Bailey, age 21, of Compton, Kentucky, were sitting in their car, which had run out of gas in the far right northbound lane of Ky 15 South. They had the car’s hazard lights on when a vehicle driven by Clyde Simmons, age 71, of Lexington, Kentucky hit the Bailey’s car from behind. Juanita bailey died from the injuries she sustained in this Kentucky Car Crash. Lola Bailey was treated at the hospital for her injuries.

Lola Bailey has a Kentucky personal injury legal claim from this accident, whereby she can seek to be compensated under the law for her injuries, her medical bills, any lost wages she may suffer as a result of the crash, and pain & suffering damages. A legal Estate will have to be established for Juanita Bailey, due to her death, and that Estate will have a Kentucky Wrongful Death claim on behalf of Juanita. That claim can seek the lifetime of lost wages and earning potential that Ms. Bailey would have earned over her lifetime.

The Kentucky Wrongful Death claim damages would be paid out to Juanita’s family, pursuant to KRS 411.130.

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