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Johnson County, Kentucky Truck Crash Involving Coal Truck Kills Maranda Martin And Injures Four Others.

A tragic Kentucky Semi Accident has occurred in Johnson County, Kentucky. A Chevy pickup truck hauling wood had 3 passengers in the cab of the pickup and two passengers in the bed of the pickup when it turned onto US 23 southbound from KY 201. That vehicle was then struck in the rear by a semi tractor trailer, a coal truck. The driver of the coal truck was not injured. The driver of the pickup and the two passengers in the cab, were injured and taken by EMS to the hospital. A male passenger riding in the bed of the pickup was thrown from the truck and airlifted to the Hospital with severe injuries. 36 year old Maranda Martin, who was also riding in the bed of the pickup, was thrown from the vehicle and died at the scene of the crash.

Those injured in this crash has legal rights and under Kentucky law can seek to be compensated for what has happened to them. (Here is a link to the Ackerson Law Offices’ website explaining Kentucky Personal Injury Claims and damages that victims can claim.)
The family of Maranda Martin will be able to establish a legal Estate for her, which will then grant authority for a representative of that Estate to seek a Kentucky Wrongful Death Claim. (Here is a link to the Ackerson Law Office’s Wrongful Death Claim webpage).

In accident cases involving semi tractor trailer trucks, its important for injured parties and Estate’s of deceased persons to act quickly in preserving evidence from the accident, including preserving the semi’s driver’s logs and ledgers. This sort of evidence is very important in determining whether certain damages can be sought against the trucking company.

Questions about the legal rights of victims can be submitted through the Ackerson Law Offices’ webpage (Link) or there is a telephone number on that page that can be used to contact Attorney Brent T. Ackerson.

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