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Four Teens Injured In Car Accident On Rice Road After Car Hits Tree In Anderson County, Kentucky

Reports indicate that a gray Nissan Altima traveling on Rice Road in Anderson County, Kentucky hit a tree, flipped and landed upside down in the middle of Rice Road on Tuesday afternoon. The car had four teens in it, one male and three females. One of the female teens and the male teen were both airlifted to UK Hospital and the other two female teens were taken by ambulance to the hospital.

This tragic accident is currently under investigation as to the cause of the car crash. The passengers of this vehicle have Kentucky legal personal injury claims against the driver of the vehicle’s insurance company. As such, this insurance is the initial source of trying to recover legal damages, and will help to pay medical bills, any future medical bills, compensate for pain & suffering, and cover other related monetary issues.

Kentucky Injury Attorney Brent T. Ackerson has stated “This is why we all carry insurance. It affords protection and coverage when people are hurt. Owners of vehicles pay their premiums to the insurance company and when an accident happens, those hurt can seek legal action to force the insurance companies to pay out the coverage they have contracted with auto owners for.” Anytime there is a serious auto injury, it’s important to know what policy will cover injuries from the accident, and what insurance coverage is available. Insurance coverage should be preserved and payments directed by the victim’s representatives to maximize the dollars available to help with injuries and bills, including reserving PIP benefits until such time as the full extent of the monetary losses are determined and then directing payments so to help stretch the dollars. In cases of serious auto injuries, current medical bills and possible future medical bills can be staggering, and its important for those injured and their families to know their legal rights when it comes to insurance coverage and possible monetary sources to help pay for the costs from the accident.

People injured in Kentucky auto accidents can contact the Ackerson Law Offices ( to with questions about what there legal rights are under Kentucky Insurance & Injury Laws.

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