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Danville, Kentucky Lawsuit Over Being Dropped BY EMS

875412_balance.jpgA lawsuit has been filed in Boyle County Kentucky regarding a Danville man who was dropped and injured by Boyle County EMS workers. The case involves the Boyle County, Kentucky EMS responding to call at the man’s apartment after he suffered a minor fall, injuring himself. As the EMS workers transported the man from his apartment, they dropped him onto the concrete stairs leading from the apartment building, and caused him even greater injury.

EMS workers can be liable in these situations if they were negligent in transporting the patient. The questions surrounding this case are:

How they transported the patient;
Should they have done something different and been more careful; and Did their negligence cause the patient to be dropped and injured.

These types of cases are really no different than any other personal injury case, in that they look at what happened, who is to blame, what should have been done differently, and what damages were suffered as a result of the negligence.

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