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Cigarette Is To Blame In Apartment Fire In Louisville, Kentucky

895905_building_on_fire.jpg An unattended cigarette has caused a fire in an apartment in Louisville, Kentucky in the Butchertown area. Other apartments suffered damages as a result of the fire. Luckily no one was injured in the blaze, which occurred on Mellwood Avenue. Tow adults and two children were able to escape the residence before firefighters arrived. The fire occurred around 11:00 p.m. and smoke detectors alerted the residents of the fire.

Apartment fires can be costly, due to fire and smoke damage, coupled with water damage from attempts to put out the fire. Many times families loose everything they own to these types of fires. Additionally lose of life can occur. Families living in apartments should have insurance to cover these types of events. Renters Insurance can be very cheap and afford a lot of coverage and protection.

Families who have suffered fire, smoke and water, damage to their residence, due to the fire being caused by another person, can seek legal recourse and damages from the at fault person. Additionally, those injured in fires can also seek lost wages, medical bill payments, and compensation for their pain & suffering. Many times in apartment fires, landlords can be partially responsible due to a variety of events, including failing to have safety measures in place like smoke detectors.

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