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Carlos Adams Of Rockcastle County, Kentucky Killed In Car Crash With Semi In Danville, Kentucky

Carlos Adams, age 74, of Brodhead, Kentucky, which is in Rockcastle County, was killed in an automobile accident which involved a semi truck. The crash occurred at the intersection of the South Danville Bypass and Daniel Drive, in Danville, Kentucky. Initial reports indicate that Mr. Adams attempted to turn left off the South Danville Bypass onto Daniel Drive, when his car was hit on its passenger side by a semi truck. The accident happened at 12:15 p.m. Mr. Adams was transported to UK Chandler Medical Center in Lexington, where he died from his injuries around 4:15 a.m.

This is a case where the Adams family needs to act quickly in having an accident re-constructionist examine the scene of the crash. Additionally, semi truck drivers and their employers are only required to maintain their log books for a short period of time. It will be important to obtain a copy of this log book to preserve the evidence related to this accident. On its initial face, it would appear that Mr. Adams is at fault for this accident due to turning in front of the semi’s path. However, upon a more thorough examination, such may not be the case, and there may be other factors that caused this fatal crash. Such factors could include speed of the semi, semi driver fatigue, or use of a cell phone or other devise that may have caused a distraction to the semi driver. If it is found that that the semi driver has any fault in this accident, then the Adams family can seek legal recourse to recover the legal damages they are entitled to from the death of Mr. Adams.

Kentucky wrongful death claims allow for fault to be shared, and allows for percentages to be assigned in fault. Under such a legal theory, the Adam’s family could recover a percentage of the damages incurred from this deadly crash, which would include medical bills, lost earning capacity, and pain & suffer of Mr. Adams from the time of the accident until his death.

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