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Car Accident On I-64, Shelby County, Kentucky

A Shelby County, Kentucky auto accident on I-64 results in 3 people injured. This Kentucky car crash resulted in one car flipping over, with a person having to be freed from the vehicle by first responders. A total of three people were injured in this accident and all were taken to University of Louisville Hospital for medical care.

Persons, including passengers, who are injured in Kentucky motor vehicle accidents, have legal rights under Kentucky law to be compensated for their injuries and reimbursed for their expenses, including medical bills. What the law allows to be recovered can be complex and varies under the particulars of each situation. Anytime there is any sort of injury related to an accident, it should be thoroughly examined by knowledgeable experts who will know the law and understand the fullest extent of possible recovery and compensation for victims of accidents.

Knowledge of the law and the insurance system are key factors in knowing ones legal rights and maximizing justice that each person is entitled to under the law.

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