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Bullitt County Kentucky Head-on Car Crash Kills Mt. Washington Man

A tragic Kentucky auto accident occurred in Bullitt County, Kentucky, which has resulted in the death of 57 year old William Hardesty, of Mt. Washington, Kentucky. This car crash occurred around 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon at the intersection of Preston Highway and John Harper Highway in Northern Bullitt County. Mr. Hardesty was driving a Ford F-150 truck and struck by a Chrysler 300, driven by a 17 year old. This car wreck is considered a cross over accident.

Mr. Hardesty died at University Hospital from his injuries. While the police are trying to figure out why this accident happened, including examining for the use of drugs or alcohol, there are many factors that the police do not consider in looking for reasons why these types of accidents occur.

In this instance, as with other cases involving car accident deaths, the Ackerson Law Offices usually files a lawsuit immediately in order to force the other driver to disclose what electronic, cell phones, and other devices the driver had in the car or was using at or around the time of the accident. The lawsuit gives the attorneys the opportunity to subpoena cell phone records and other electronic device records before the cell phone companies allow the records to be destroyed or get lost. This is very important, because many cell phone carriers purposely destroy records after a short period of time to avoid the constant potential of have such records subpoenaed. Time is often of the essence in subpoenaing cell phone records. Delays often hinder the ability of the injured or estates of the dead to obtain such records.

Records pertaining to the use of electronic devices in a car that has been in an accident can be important to proving your case that the other driver is at-fault for the accident. Often when one party has been killed in an accident, the other driver, who may be at-fault, in the only one left to describe what happened. Collateral records, such as cell phone records, may be the only evidence to prove the driver is lying about what really happened or caused the automobile accident.

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