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Boyd County Kentucky Crash Causes Death Of 17 Year Old

This accident happened last Thursday night on U.S. 60 near the intersection of Ky 5. The Accident was caused by a westbound vehicle crossing the center line of the roadway and crashing into a Chevy Blazer. This accident resulted in multiple persons being sent to hospital and the death of 17 year old Alexandra “Paige” Bush.

While clearly the accident appears to be the fault of the vehicle crossing into the path of on-coming traffic, the greater unanswered questions are what caused the vehicle to cross into the other lane. The reasons can range from mere driver inattentiveness to other acts such as cell phone usage.

Kentucky law affords the families of victims who are killed in motor vehicle accidents to use Kentucky civil laws to seek justice in cases where someone is killed. Such legal action is referred to as a Kentucky Wrongful Death Suit and affords families the right to use the legal system to seek redress and answers to what caused the accident. Often these types of lawsuits are not only about seeking to punish the wrong doers financially, but often through the legal discovery process and the taking of depositions, the witnesses are forced to testify and provide answers about what truly happened.

Civil justice in cases where people die can afford financial recoveries to help with the loss suffered by the families, serves as a form of punishment for the wrong doers, and can afford families piece of mind as to the hows and whys that caused the tragedy.

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