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Boone County, Kentucky Car Wreck Kills Two & Injures One

It has been reported that a single vehicle Kentucky auto accident occurred Saturday on U.S. 25 in Walton, Kentucky. Logan Ellis, age 22, was driving a 2000 Chevy Malibu when the car lost control in a curve, left the roadway and hit a utility pole. The reports indicate that the crash was so severe that the car was split in to. Mr. Ellis was transported to University Hospital in Cincinnati to be treated for his injuries.

Two women passengers in the vehicle, Heather Stanley and Stacy Hopkins, were tragically killed in the crash. Our condolences go out to their families and lived ones.

It is unclear at the moment what factors lead to this Kentucky car crash that killed these women. The families of Ms. Stanley and Ms. Hopkins will have potential legal claims which will allow the families to seek justice for the loss of these women’s lives. In Kentucky, such legal claims are referred to as wrongful death claims, and seek to compensate the families for the loss of life. While it is unclear what exactly caused this wreck at this time, Kentucky law requires the operators of motor vehicles to be in full control of their cars at all times. Why Mr. Ellis lost control of his should be fully examined. Additionally, the families of Heather Stanley and Stacy Hopkins have various potential insurance proceeds that will help them cope with the immediate financial impact their families have sustained from this tragic accident, including funeral expenses.

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