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Auto Accident On Blue Lick Road In Louisville, Kentucky

On Sunday evening around 8:48 p.m. a vehicle driven by Antione Nichols, age 27, crossed the center line of Blue Lick Road and struck a vehicle in on coming traffic, resulting in a tragic Lousville car crash. The driver of the other vehicle was not injured, but both Nichols and the passenger in Nichols’ vehicle were injured and taken to the Hospital. Nichols died at the hospital and the passenger is reported to have non-life threatening injures. It is unknown at this time why Nichol’s vehicle crossed over into the lane of on-coming traffic.

Nichol’s passenger has legal rights related to this accident, even if Nichols is the at-fault driver. The passenger will be able to make a claim against Nichol’s insurance company for the medical bills related to the accident, pain & suffering related to the accident, and any lost wages that come from time off work related to the accident. This is a tragic car wreck that has changed families’ lives forever.

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