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Casey County Kentucky Car Accident Injures Earnest Gilbert, of Greenfield, Indiana

September 30, 2013

This Kentucky car crash involved a vehicle driven by a Harrodsburg, Kentucky man and a Dodge driven by a Greenfield, Indiana man. The accident happened around 1:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon when Paul Murray, age 19, attempted to pass a vehicle in a no passing zone at the junction of US 127 and Ky 906, nine miles north of Liberty, Kentucky. Earnest D. Gilbert, age 59, was driving a 2003 Dodge and attempting to make a left turn onto Ky 906 when Murray's vehicle collided with Gilbert's vehicle. Mr. Gilbert was flown to Ephraim McDowell Hospital in Danville, Kentucky to be treated for his injuries. One of Mr. Gilbert's passengers, Jerri Gilbert, was also transported to the same hospital with injuries.

Both Earnest Gilbert and Jerri Gilbert have Kentucky Personal Injury claims against Mr. Murray and the insurance company insuring his vehicle. Under Kentucky law, the Gilberts can claim various legal damages stemming from this accident. (More information on Kentucky legal damages from auto accidents can be found at this link to LEGAL DAMAGES). Kentucky auto accident civil legal damages are intended to compensate person who are negligently injured by others, and include reimbursement for out of pocket expenses, medical bills incurred, and payment for pain & suffering.

More information on the legal rights of persons injured in Kentucky auto accidents can be found at the website of the Ackerson Law Offices,

Man Killed In Louisville Kentucky Moped Crash On Rangeland Road

September 19, 2013

Damon McClain, age 40, of Louisville, Kentucky was killed in a moped crash that occurred at the intersection of Dale Ray and Rangeland Road, in Louisville, Kentucky. The accident occurred shortly before 2 pm when a Toyota Camry turned left from Dale Ray onto Rangeland Road directly into the path of the moped. Mr. McClain's cause of death has been ruled to be multiple blunt force trauma from the crash.

Moped are not different from bicycles, motorcycles or cars. Drivers owe a duty to moped riders to be watchful of their use of the roadways, and afford them the same right-of-way privileges that would be afforded to any other vehicle. All reports would indicate the driver of the Camry was not paying attention or was in a hurry, and thus failed to afford the right-of-way. Persons killed in motor vehicle crashes, even moped accidents, have legal rights under Kentucky Motor Vehicle Laws. In cases of deaths, the family of the person killed may pursue civil legal action, known as a Kentucky Wrongful Death Claim, whereby the family can establish a legal estate to represent the deceased person and seek legal compensation for the death from he at-fault driver and the insurance company representing the vehicle in the crash. (Link to Legal Damages Information)

Under Kentucky Law, persons killed in motor vehicle crashes are limited in the damages they can seek to recover under Kentucky civil laws, as compared to the damages that a person who is injured but not killed can seek. Motor Vehicle insurance coverage can vary also. More information can be found about Kentucky Wrongful Death Claims at the Ackerson Law Offices website. (

Three Car Crash Kills 25 Year Old & Injuries Others In Breathitt County, Kentucky

September 19, 2013

Tabitha Perkins, age 25, of Leslie County, Kentucky died at the scene of a 3 car crash on Ky 15 in Breathitt County, Kentucky. This accident was a head-on collision caused by a driver of a Chevy Truck heading southbound on Ky 15. It is reported that the southbound driver, cross the center line of the road, sideswiped one truck before colliding head-on with Ms. Perkin's Chevrolet sport-utility vehicle. The driver of the at-fault vehicle and two passengers from Ms. Perkin's vehicle were taken to area hospitals to be treated fro their injuries. The Perkins family and the passengers of Ms. Perkins vehicle have Kentucky legal rights related to this accident. (link to an explanation of the legal rights of innocent persons injured or killed in Kentucky Auto Accidents).

Drivers of vehicles in Kentucky owe a duty under the law to other drivers, passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians, to operate motor vehicles safely and with controls of the roadway. When a vehicle leaves its lane and enters another lane of traffic, that vehicle has not been operated safely nor under the controls and constraints of the roadway. Thus that driver has been negligent in the operation of that vehicle and injuries that ensue from such are actionable under Kentucky law.

Information on the rights of persons injured or killed in Kentucky motor vehicle accidents can be found at the Ackerson Law Offices website. ( Information about Kentucky Wrongful Death legal claims and Kentucky car crash legal claims can be found on that website.

Pedestrian Hit By Car On Murray State Campus

September 19, 2013

Jamie Delany, of Tennessee, age 18, was a pedestrian when he was hit just before noon Monday on Murray State Campus while crossing Chestnut Street. The driver of the vehicle that struck him was Alicia Woods, age 28. Auto accidents that involve pedestrians can be complicated when it comes to insurance coverage afforded to the victims. Because many times injuries that involve pedestrians being hit by motor vehicles can severe, pedestrians need to be aware of their right under various insurance policies and utilize those rights to the fullest to afford the maximum amount of protection and coverage.

Information on the rights of Kentucky Pedestrian and Crosswalk injuries can be found at the following Ackerson Law Offices website links. (Injury Damages) ( Pedestrian/Crosswalk Cases).

Ky. 1680 Roadway Accident Takes Life Of Russell County Teenager

September 12, 2013

A single vehicle Kentucky car accident on Ky. 1680 has killed a 13 year old passenger. Matthew Merideth, age 13, of Russell County, Kentucky was a passenger in a 2001 Ford. The 18 year old driver of the Ford lost control of the vehicle in a curve of the roadway due to wet roadway conditions and hit a tree. This is a tragedy for all involved and serves a horrific lesson to driver to slow down when road conditions are wet. Kentucky law requires drivers to operate their vehicles safely, even in hazardous conditions. Drivers under Kentucky law owed a duty to others, including passengers, to operate their vehicles safely. That means under less than perfect weather conditions, slowing down so as to not loose control of the vehicle and cause injury to others. Information about the rights of persons injured or killed in Kentucky motor vehicle accidents can be found at the following links: (Kentucky Wrongful Death Rights) and (Kentucky Personal Injury & Accidents)

U.S. 25 Near London, Kentucky Head-On Crash Kills One & Injuries Four

September 12, 2013


A severe Kentucky Car Crash occurred Wednesday evening just south of London, Kentucky. The auto accident occurred on U.S. 25 around 6:30 p.m. when a Ford Focus crossed into the lane of oncoming traffic to avoid a vehicle that had stop to off of northbound U.S. 25 onto Fariston Road. Once the Ford Focus entered the lane of oncoming traffic, it collided head-on with a Chevy Cobalt traveling southbound on U.S. 25. The woman driving the Ford Focus was transported to a London hospital, where she died from her injuries. The four people in the Chevy Cobalt were transported to hospitals for their injuries.

Accidents like this demonstrate the need and importance of leaving plenty of distance between the vehicle driving in front of your vehicle. Kentucky law requires a minimum of two car lengths between vehicles, but even then, factoring in speed and road conditions, such a distance may not leave a driver with adequate time to adjust of compensate for a sudden stop in front of them. Kentucky drivers owe a duty to other drivers to drive safely and cautiously to avoid having accidents. This legal duty would include affording safe traveling distances between cars. The driver of the Ford Focus wrongly entered the lane of oncoming traffic, not intentionally, but rather out of what may have been necessity to avoid hitting the car in front of her. However, this judgment caused the loss of her life and seriously injuries four others.

This is a tragedy for all involved, and a lesson for all drivers to be overly cautious, and leave as much distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you as possible. That extra difference could save lives and is required under Kentucky law.

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Two Good Samaritans Killed On I-64

September 11, 2013

A multiple vehicle accident occurred Monday on I64 in Shelby County, Kentucky, killing to persons who had witnessed the original crash, gotten out of their vehicles to assist, and then were struck by a semi that was trying to avoid the initial collision. The two good Samaritans were identified as Charles Burtt, of Virginia, and Jamaal Wood, of Louisville, Kentucky.

Reports indicate that a semi tractor trailer had pulled over at mile marker 37.5. Another semi tractor trailer then struck that truck, swerved towards the median and struck a car. Mr. Burtt and Mr. Woods witnessed this crash and then proceeded to exit their vehicles to help lend assistance to those involved in this initial crash. At that time, a third semi tractor trailer attempted to avoid the wreck and struck Mr. Burtt and Mr. Wood, killing them.

This tragedy stems from driver inattentiveness and the willingness of two brave men who attempted to help others. The Woods Family and the Burtt Family both have suffered a great loss for which they can be made whole from. Kentucky law will afford them legal rights that will attempt to help ease their financial burdens, via Kentucky Wrongful Death Claims, from this accident, but such legal damages cannot replace their loved ones.

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Driver Headed In Wrong Direction On I-71 Causes Fatal Crash And Injuries

September 9, 2013

Donald R. Pickett, age 71, of Flatrock, Indiana, drove his 2006 Volkswagen the wrong direction on I-71 Saturday evening and caused a multiple car accident that has injured two people and killed himself and one other. The crash happened at approximately 9:20 p.m. near Crestwood, Kentucky in Oldham County. Reports indicate that alcohol may have been a factor leading to this fatal accident.

Pickett, who was driving northbound in the southbound lane of traffic, collided head-on with a 2007 Infiniti driven by Victor Chavez, age 27, of Louisville, Kentucky. George Chavez, age 27, and Julio Chavez, age 29, were both passengers in Victor Chavez's vehicle. All three passengers in the Infiniti were taken to UL Hospital to be treated for their injuries. George Chavez died at UL Hospital due to the injuries he had sustained in the crash. Puckett was also killed in the crash after he was ejected from his vehicle which then struck a third vehicle.

While it is not fully known at this time why Pickett was driving in the wrong lane of traffic, if alcohol was a factor this tragedy is even worse. The innocent victims of this crash, the Chavez's and their families should pursue every avenue possible to have all the causes of this crash investigated, and if alcohol truly was a factor, they should utilize not only the criminal justice system, but also the Kentucky civil justice system to seek justice.

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Tragic Car Crash Kills Two Passengers & Severely Injures Two Drivers On Ky 90

September 6, 2013

This Kentucky auto accident occurred Tuesday on Ky 90 in Wayne County, Kentucky. Reports indicate that 25 year old Eric Branscum was driving a 2002 Kia Spectrum when his vehicle hit the rear of a 2003 Camry driven by Jessica Whitaker, age 28. Both vehicles were traveling eastbound. The collision between Branscum's car and Whitaker's car sent the Camry into the westbound lane of traffic where it collided with a 1992 Dodge caravan driven by Veila Stephenson, age 75.

Branscum was not injured in the crash. Whitaker and Stephenson were seriously injured and flown to UK Hospital where they are being treated. A passenger in Stephenson's Caravan, Gladys Parmley, age 69, of Monticello, had been taken from the scene of the accident to UK Hospital. Tragically she died from her injuries that evening. The passenger in the Camry, Louanna Ellis, age 57, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

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