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Mercer County, Kentucky Student Stuffed In A Bag By School Officials

December 22, 2011

Chris Baker, age 9, is autistic. On December 14, 2011, Mercer County School Officials stuffed Chris into a bag after he was described as "acting up." When Chris' mother, Sandra Baker, arrived Mercer County Intermediate School she found her son stuffed into a bag designed to hold athletic balls, with the bag's opening tied shut. The school had left the boy in the bag in a hallway with a teacher's aide sitting next to the bag. It has been reported that school officials have called this event a form of therapy for the boy.

This is shocking that a school would tie up and confine a child in this manner. From a legal prospective, the Baker family should seek legal assistance to pursue legal claims against the school officials responsible for this tragic form of child abuse. Actions like this must not go unchecked, and the Baker family would not only be doing a serve for Chris to pursue with legal action, but would also be doing a service for their entire community to ensure tat this sort of event is never again allowed to reoccur.

State education officials are investigating these matters. Chris and his family are entitled to seek legal damages from this tragic event.

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Three Car Accident On Dixie Highway Kills One And Injures Two Others

December 21, 2011

Kentucky State Police have reported that David Pandy III, age 35, was killed in an auto accident in Muldraugh, Kentucky. Also injured were Karen Vuturo, age 52, of Brandenburg, Kentucky, and Vonda Carnegie. Bobby Alvey, age 41, of Louisville, Kentucky was in one of the vehicles involved in the three vehicle car crash, but initial reports indicate that he was not suffering injuries immediately following the accident.

The reports indicate that Pandy's 1996 Honda Civic crossed the center line of the road, struck Carnegie's 2005 Honda Accord and the crossed back into the southbound flow of traffic and struck Alvey's 2000 Ford Focus. The Accident happened around 3:30 p.m. near the Dixie Highway & Brandenburg Station Road intersection. At this time it is unclear why Pandy's vehicle lost control. Carnegie and Vuturo will have legal claims to recovery for the injuries, medical bills, pain & suffering, and any lost wages related to being off work due to their injuries. Alvey, who was not initially showing signs of injury, may need some medical attention in the future (as soft tissue injuries may take a few days to set in), and in which case he too would have legal claims related to this accident. Depending upon what the investigation shows in the cause of Pandy's loss of control of his vehicle, he family and his Estate may also have legal claims related to his death.

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Louisville, Kentucky Man Injured In Motorcycle Crash

December 20, 2011

Aleksandar Dejanovic of Louisville, Kentucky was injured in a motorcycle crash. Mr. Dejanovic was riding his motorcycle when he was hit by a drunk driver. The crash threw Mr. Dejanovic from his motorcycle onto the drunken driver's windshield. Even though Mr. Dejanovic was wearing his helmet, he still suffered severe injuries, including a skull fracture.

The drunken driver has been charged with a multitude of criminal charges, including DUI.

This is a case where Mr. Dejanovic can seek legal recourse for his injuries, his medical bills, his pain & suffering, and his lost wages (that are due to his missing work because of his injuries).

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Harrison County, Kentucky Car Crash Injures Four People, 3 Kentuckians And A Woman From Missouri

December 20, 2011

Kentucky Police have reported that a serious car accident that happened on I-64 in Harrison County, Kentucky is due to a minivan backing up in an attempt to make a u-turn. The car crash happened on Interstate 64 near mile marker 101. Gina Lee, age 34, of Henderson, Kentucky was driving a minivan when she came to a stop in the inside lane of westbound traffic, drove the van in reverse, attempting to return to a u-turn spot in the median. The Minivan was struck in the rear by a woman from Missouri who was driving a Toyota Prius. The woman from Missouri was taken to the hospital with injuries. Ms. Lee was STAT flighted to UL Hospital. Michael Lee, age 28, of Madisonville, Kentucky was a passenger in the van and was taken to Floyd Memorial Hospital form his injures. A 15 year old girl was asleep in the rear of the minivan and was taken to Kosair Children's Hospital for her injures.

The female driver of the Prius, from Missouri, will have legal claims for her injuries from this accident. Mr. Lee, the passenger in the van, and the 15 year old girl in the back of the van, will also have legal claims to recovery their damages. This accident appears to clearly be the fault of Gina Lee.

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Boone County, Kentucky Car Wreck Kills Two & Injures One

December 12, 2011

It has been reported that a single vehicle Kentucky auto accident occurred Saturday on U.S. 25 in Walton, Kentucky. Logan Ellis, age 22, was driving a 2000 Chevy Malibu when the car lost control in a curve, left the roadway and hit a utility pole. The reports indicate that the crash was so severe that the car was split in to. Mr. Ellis was transported to University Hospital in Cincinnati to be treated for his injuries.

Two women passengers in the vehicle, Heather Stanley and Stacy Hopkins, were tragically killed in the crash. Our condolences go out to their families and lived ones.

It is unclear at the moment what factors lead to this Kentucky car crash that killed these women. The families of Ms. Stanley and Ms. Hopkins will have potential legal claims which will allow the families to seek justice for the loss of these women's lives. In Kentucky, such legal claims are referred to as wrongful death claims, and seek to compensate the families for the loss of life. While it is unclear what exactly caused this wreck at this time, Kentucky law requires the operators of motor vehicles to be in full control of their cars at all times. Why Mr. Ellis lost control of his should be fully examined. Additionally, the families of Heather Stanley and Stacy Hopkins have various potential insurance proceeds that will help them cope with the immediate financial impact their families have sustained from this tragic accident, including funeral expenses.

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Middle School Students Hurt In Bus Accident

December 9, 2011

Four Frost Middle School students were injured in a Louisville, Kentucky auto accident which involved their school bus and a car that ran a red light. The bus had been transporting approximately 50 students, when another car disregarded a red light and struck the bus. The four students injured where taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The families of the injured students can seek justice for their children, including the costs of their medical treatment and any pain & suffering, through claims against the at-fault driver's insurance.

Delana Kissinger Dies After Louisville, Kentucky Auto Accident

December 8, 2011

Delana Kissinger, age 54, died Tuesday after being severely injured in a Louisville, Kentucky car crash. Ms. Kissinger resided on the 1500 block of Raydale Drive. She had been driving northbound on Robbs Lane, near the Outer Loop when a southbound vehicle crossed into Ms. Kissinger's lane of traffic and caused the Kentucky car crash. Police reports indicate that the southbound vehicle may have been traveling at a high rate of speed. Delana Kissinger was taken from the scene of the accident to UL Hospital to be treated for multiple blunt force injures. She died around 11;30 p.m. from those injures. There was a passenger in Ms. Kissinger's vehicle who was also treated for injures from this collision.

Regardless of the speed of the southbound vehicle, drivers in Kentucky have a legal obligation to operate their vehicles within the proper lanes and keep their vehicles under control. Ms. Kissinger's Estate and her family will be able to seek justice from this accident through a Kentucky wrongful death legal claim. Ms. Kissinger's passenger will be able to be compensated for her medical treatment and other related damages through a personal injury claim.

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Stacy Ellison Killed In Head-On Car Crash

December 5, 2011

Mr. Stacy Ellison, age 37, of Louisville, Kentucky was killed last Friday in a car crash driving across the Clark Memorial Bridge. Mr. Ellison was driving his Ford Taurus northbound across the bridge when a southbound pickup truck lost control and entered Mr. Ellison's lane and caused a head-on crash. The impact of the vehicles was so severe that Mr. Ellison had to be cut from his vehicle. The auto accident happened around 12:30 p.m., and Mr. Ellison was pronounced dead at UL Hospital at 1:18 p.m. Witnesses state that the cause of the pickup entering the wrong lane of traffic appears to be related to the driver of the pickup having a seizure.

Mr. Ellison's family and his Estate will have extensive injury and death claims related to this accident. This is a situation where a wrongful death action will empower the Estate and family to seek legal compensation for the accident, the medical bills related to eh accidents injuries, the pain and suffering Mr. Ellison suffered from point of impact until his death, and lost income that Mr. Ellison would have earned over his lifetime. Due to the substantial sums that will likely be involved, it will be necessary to examine all sorts of different insurance policies to ensure that every bit of coverage is afforded to the Estate and the family to cover and compensate for the issues involved here.

Due to the nature of the accident and the facts involved, this is not a case of an intentional act that caused a death, but rather the claims are that of negligence. Even in cases of negligence, the Ellison family is still entitled to seek legal justice for their loss.

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Louisville, Kentucky Female Pedestrian Struck By DUI Driver on Monday

December 4, 2011

A female pedestrian was walking at the intersection of National Turn Pike and the Outer Loop when she was hit by a car driven by Heidi Diaz, age 32. The female pedestrian who was walking was taken to University of Louisville Hospital in critical condition. The driver of the car that hit the walker was charged with DUI.

When pedestrians are hit by cars, the accidents are treated much like car on car auto accidents. In pedestrian accidents, because the injuries can be so severe, it is important to consider all possible insurance coverage issues to be sure that the injured person will be able to fully recover the from their injuries, be afforded compensation for their medical bills, and be able to seek legal justice for their pain and suffering.

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Harrodsburg, Kentucky Car Crash: Jose Fernando Navarro Menza Killed In Auto Accident

December 4, 2011

Reports indicate that Michael Strunk ran his 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee through a red light at the intersection of U.S. 127 and U.S. 68 in Harrodsburg, Kentucky and struck a 2000 Dodge Neon driven by Jose Fernando Navarro Menza, who died as a result of his injuries from the car crash. Passengers in the 2000 Dodge Neon included two children and 21 year old Elena Francisco-Pascual. The passengers were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. This is a trageic Kentucky car crash that occurred on a holiday.

This is matters involves both Kentucky personal injury claims by the passengers in the Dodge Neon, who will be entitled to recovery financially for their legal damages, which include medical bills, pain & suffering, and any potential lost wages. The family and Estate of Mr. Menza will have a Kentucky wrongful death claim against Mr. Strunk and his insurance company. In cases like this, which involve multiple serious injuries and a death, it is important to examine all possible insurance policies to insure that a full financial recovery can be made for all the parties involved, including the Estate of the deceased.

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