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Elizabethtown, Kentucky Motorcycle Accident Kills Man & Injures Female Passenger

October 6, 2011

James Duffy, age 61, and Karen Marinko, age 57, were riding a motorcycle on Mulberry Street in E-Town, Kentucky when the motorcycle they were riding was involved in an auto collision. Duffy was the driver of the motorcycle and Marinko was a passenger of Duffy's. Based upon reports, it appears that the motorcycle was traveling westbound on Mulberry when a Mercury Grand Marquis, driven by Daniel Cook, age 68, was traveling eastbound on Mulberry. Cook attempted to turn left into a Denny's Restaurant parking lot and Duffy's motorcycle then struck the right rear of Cook's car. Based upon the facts surrounding the crash, Cook failed to yield the right-of-way to Duffy's motorcycle, and attempted to make a quick turn into the parking lot. As a result of Cook's failure to wait for a clear passage to turn, Duffy's motorcycle struck the rear side of Cook's car, which threw Duffy and Marinko from the motorcycle. Cook was not injured in the accident, but Duffy and Marinko were airlifted to UL Hospital, where Duffy died and Marinko is in critical condition.

Based upon the reports of the accident, Duffy's Estate and family will have a Kentucky wrongful death claim against Cook and his insurance company for damages that relate to the loss of Duffy's life. Additionally, Karen Marinko will have Kentucky personal injury claims against Cook and his insurance company for her injuries and legal damages related to the accident. This was a tragic accident that could have been avoided by driver awareness and patients.

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Louisville, Kentucky: Candice Bartlett Killed In Car Crash

October 6, 2011

Candice Bartlett, age 25, was tragically killed in a triple car crash in Louisville, Kentucky. The auto accident occurred at the intersection of Out Loop and the I-65 ramp. The reports indicate that Ms. Bartlett was a passenger in a vehicle that failed to yield the right-of-way as it attempted to turn off of the Outer Loop onto the southbound ramp to I-65. As the vehicle that Ms. Bartlett was in wrongly attempted to turn and cross traffic, it was struck by 2 other vehicles.

Based upon the reports, the Estate of Candice Bartlett and her family will have a Kentucky wrongful death claim against the driver of the vehicle that Candice was in. The liability will rest upon the failure to yield eh right-of-way to the other on coming traffic. This tragedy, which resulted in the loss of life for such a young lady could have been prevented by cautious driving, slowing down, mindfulness of other vehicles, and obeying traffic laws. Because of the failure to be a cautious driver, the Bartlett family has suffered a tragic loss. Under Kentucky law they are entitled to civil legal justice that resulted from the loss of this young lady's life. The legal damages from a loss of life claim can be substantial, and are meant to compensate the family for the death.

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