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Franklin County, Kentucky Car Crash Due To Driver In Wrong Lane: Kara Kistner & Allison Fitzgerald Critically Injured

September 26, 2011

Police have reported that Mikey Ward, age 32, of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky was driving southbound on U.S. 127 when for an undetermined reason his car began to travel in the northbound lane. Due to Ward traveling in the wrong lane, his car crashed head-on into a car being driven by Kara Kistner, age 30. Ms. Kistner and her passenger, Allison Fitzgerald, both of Owenton, Kentucky, were critically injured in this Kentucky car crash and taken to University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center. Ward died from his injuries sustained in the auto accident while being treated at Frankfort Regional Medical Center.

This tragic car crash appears to be a clear case of liability on the part of Ward as he was in the wrong lane of traffic. Ms. Kistner and Ms. Fitzgerald both have Kentucky auto accident personal injury claims against Ward's Estate and his insurance company. Additionally, due to the severity of the injuries of these two young ladies, they will also need to examine the potential of uninsured and/or underinsured motorist insurance coverage. In tragic auto accidents, it is important to fully understand all the potential insurance coverage to be sure that the injured parties receive all the financial recovery possible for the damages they have suffered.

Louisville, Kentucky Jogger Hit By Drunk Driver

September 26, 2011

Louisville Metro Police are reporting that they have charged Katherine Schrewsbury with DUI, wanton endangerment and operating a motor vehicle without insurance. The charges stem from Ms. Schrewsbury driving intoxicated and hitting a jogger. The jogger was reported to have been pinned under the car and taken to University of Louisville Hospital to be treated for injuries for the accident.

This is a clear case of legal liability on the drunk driver. In such cases, the injured party can seek legal recovery of their medical expenses, lost wages, pain & suffering, and punitive damages to punish the drunk driver. However, because the drunk driver in this case has been charged with failure to have insurance, the case becomes more complicated in regards to the injured party's ability to be compensated for the incident and injuries.

In cases like this, where insurance is questionable for the at-fault party, the Ackerson Law Offices use their experience with insurance companies to look for additional sources of recovery, including the insurance policies of the injured. The goal being to get the injured person the legal justice and compensation they need and deserve from such tragic accidents. The damages from a DUI related accident like this can be substantial, and its important to leave no stone unturned in looking for financial recovery for the victims.

Jefferson County School Bus In Accident

September 20, 2011

An automobile accident occurred in Louisville, Kentucky involving a Jefferson County School Bus and a truck. The Kentucky car crash occurred Tuesday morning at Fern Valley Road and Old Fern valley Road. The Driver of the truck was injured and luckily none of the children on the bus were injured. This accident involved bus No. 9926, and was carrying children to multiple different schools.

Kentucky school bus accidents can be very serious due to the lack of seat belt restraints and number of children riding in the vehicle. Fortunately no children were injured in this crash.

Carlos Adams Of Rockcastle County, Kentucky Killed In Car Crash With Semi In Danville, Kentucky

September 16, 2011

Carlos Adams, age 74, of Brodhead, Kentucky, which is in Rockcastle County, was killed in an automobile accident which involved a semi truck. The crash occurred at the intersection of the South Danville Bypass and Daniel Drive, in Danville, Kentucky. Initial reports indicate that Mr. Adams attempted to turn left off the South Danville Bypass onto Daniel Drive, when his car was hit on its passenger side by a semi truck. The accident happened at 12:15 p.m. Mr. Adams was transported to UK Chandler Medical Center in Lexington, where he died from his injuries around 4:15 a.m.

This is a case where the Adams family needs to act quickly in having an accident re-constructionist examine the scene of the crash. Additionally, semi truck drivers and their employers are only required to maintain their log books for a short period of time. It will be important to obtain a copy of this log book to preserve the evidence related to this accident. On its initial face, it would appear that Mr. Adams is at fault for this accident due to turning in front of the semi's path. However, upon a more thorough examination, such may not be the case, and there may be other factors that caused this fatal crash. Such factors could include speed of the semi, semi driver fatigue, or use of a cell phone or other devise that may have caused a distraction to the semi driver. If it is found that that the semi driver has any fault in this accident, then the Adams family can seek legal recourse to recover the legal damages they are entitled to from the death of Mr. Adams.

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Two Men Died Tuesday In Shelby County, Kentucky In Separate Auto Accidents

September 7, 2011

Randall Thornton, age 50, was killed in a single vehicle accident involving the tractor-trailer truck he was driving. Mr. Thornton's truck was reportedly traveling on I-64 west of the Simpsonville Exit when it struck an abandoned vehicle that was in the emergency lane. The collision caused Mr. Thornton's truck to leave the roadway, striking several trees, and coming to rest on its side. Randall Thornton was pronounced dead at the scene. The accident occurred at approximately 5:00 a.m. Mr. Thornton's family will have a workers compensation legal claim from the events that lead to his death. Additionally, examination of the circumstances surrounding the abandoned vehicle may lead to a potential wrongful death claim related to the truck crash.

George W. Downs, age 74, was killed in an auto accident that also occurred Tuesday in Shelby County, Kentucky. Mr. Downs' vehicle crossed the center line on Elmsburg Road and struck two pickups. Mr. Downs was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Bruce Pavero, age 47, of Bagdad, Kentucky was injured in this accident and transported to Frankfort Regional Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Pulaski County, Kentucky Motorcycle Accident Kills Ronald Forland

September 6, 2011

Ronald Forland, age 38, was killed when his motorcycle was struck by a vehicle driven by a 72 year old man, Doyle Morgan. Morgan is reported to have run the red light, hitting Forland's motorcycle and the two other vehicles. A passenger on Forland's motorcycle, Eugenia Forland, age 37, was seriously injured and flown to UK Hospital. The Forland's, in this time of grief, will need an experienced motorcycle and wrongful death attorney to assist in handling the legal claims that will come from this accident. This case will involve a Kentucky wrongful death claim and a Kentucky personal injury suit. The damages from this accident will be large, and someone experienced with available insurance proceeds will be needed to deal with this accident.

Pedestrian Wrongful Death Claim: Richard Hammond Killed While Walking On Dixie Highway

September 6, 2011

Richard Hammond, age 44, was killed Sunday while walking along Dixie Highway. His death came after he was struck by an automobile around 9:00 p.m. while he was a pedestrian. This pedestrian auto accident occurred on the 12000 block of Dixie Highway. The Police have not charged the driver of the vehicle that struck Richard Hammond with any criminal charges. Until such time as the Police finish their investigation, it is only right, in consideration of both families involved in this tragedy, to presume that this was a tragedy related to negligence rather than intention or grossly reckless conduct.

Even if criminal charges are not filed and there is not grossly reckless conduct found, the family of Richard Hammond and his Estate will have a Kentucky wrongful death claim against the driver of the vehicle that struck him. Mr. Hammond had the legal right to be walking along Dixie Highway, and motorists have a duty to be mindful of pedestrians. At this point it becomes an examination of who did what leading up to the accident, and thus who bears what percentage of fault for this accident.

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Alden Napier Killed In London Kentucky While Riding Motorcycle

September 6, 2011

Alden Napier, and his female passenger, where riding a motorcycle in London, Kentucky when another vehicle pulled into a store in front of the motorcycle. An auto accident ensued which killed Alden and sent this passenger to UK Hospital with serious injuries. Mr. Napier's family and Estate may have a Kentucky wrongful death claim from this accident, and his passenger will have personal injury legal claims to recover her damages. This is a tragic occurrence that will require legal action to recover the damages that have been incurred.

Fatal Head On Washington County Car Crash Kills Man & Seriously Injures Obata Family

September 5, 2011

Kentucky State Police are investigating a cross over accident that resulted in the head-on car crash between two vehicles. 71 year old Bobby Perry reportedly drove his vehicle into on coming traffic and struck the vehicle driven by Setsuko Obata, age 50, of Lebanon, Kentucky. Mr. Perry died from his injures. Ms. Obata was flown to University of Louisville Hospital with serious injuries. Ms. Obata had her three children in the vehicle with her, ages 12 to 16. All three Obata children were taken to Kosair Children's Hospital to be treated fro their injuries.

The Obata family, in this tragic time, will need the assistance of a qualified attorney to assist them in the recovery of the legal damages, medical bills, and compensation for their pain & suffering. Our thoughts and prayer are with them.

Fatal Motorcycle Crash In Louisville, Kentucky: Christopher Frey Killed

September 5, 2011

Christopher Frey, age 31, was killed Wednesday while riding his motorcycle. Frey died of multiple blunt force injuries after his motorcycle hit the side of a bus that was turning left onto Fourth Street. Mr. Frey's family and his Estate may have a Kentucky wrongful death claim related to this accident and the death from such. In cases involving wrongful death claims, an Estate has to be established to seek the damages from the accident the death.

Louisville Kentucky Multivehicle Crash Closes Taylorsville Road

September 5, 2011

A three vehicle auto accident shut down Taylorsville Road in J-Town for three hours on Thursday. This was a crossover accident where a minivan crossed the median and hit a northbound car. A northbound SUV then crashed into the minivan. The driver of the car was taken to University Hospital and is in critical condition. The driver of the vehicle struck by the minivan will have legal claims related to the injuries and medical bills.