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Lexington Kentucky Police Car Runs Red Light & Causes Auto Accident With A Couple Going To Their Wedding Reception

May 24, 2011

Kentucky news reports state that a newly wedded couple were on their way to their wedding reception in a convertible when a Lexington Kentucky police car ran a red light and crashed into their vehicle. The car crash caused the bride to be ejected from the car. Witnesses to the auto accident state that the police car never hit its breaks prior to the collision and clearly ran the red light. A total of five people were taken to the hospital in relation to this car accident. Clearly the driver of the police cruiser should be found to be at fault, and the injured persons will be able to make claims for their medical costs, injures, pain & suffering, and lost wages, that are related to this accident.

Loyall, Kentucky Pastor Charged With Child Sexual Abuse And Rape

May 23, 2011

An eastern Kentucky pastor, Jeremy Dewayne Caraway has been charged with sexually abusing a child. Caraway, age 36, was book into the Harlan County, Kentucky Detention Center and charged with two counts of second degree rape, sexual abuse, sodomy and unlawful transaction with a minor. The girl that Caraway is charged with raping in under the age of 14 and was a member of the Loyall Church of God. Caraway is a pastor in that church.

The rape victim and her family may be able to pursue civil damages against the church, in addition to civil damages against Caraway. The legal claims would seek to recover emotional distress, pain & suffering, and medical & therapy bills for the minor child. This case would also be considered an assault and battery case. In cases where young children suffer sexual assaults, they have a need for a tremendous amount of therapy to overcome the emotional trauma of what has happened to them. The emotional scars can last a lifetime and have negative effects upon employment and relationships.

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EEOC Settles Age Discrimination Suit Against Retailer For $50,000.00.

May 19, 2011

Dillard's Department Store has agreed to settle an age discrimination lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The suit alleged that the retailer fired a 61 year old employee manager, who had 4 years on the job experience and good performance reviews, and replaced her with a 24 year old, who had only 4 months experience. The lawsuit settled for $50,000.00.

Employment discrimination cases are very factually driven matters, and case settlement values can range dramatically based upon the various factors involved.

Two Auto Accidents On Expressways In Louisville, Kentucky This Morning: Injuries Reported

May 18, 2011

bildeCA7EQKTQ.jpg There were two motor vehicle wrecks this morning in Louisville, Kentucky. One on I-71 near Zorn Avenue involved a multi car accident that shut down one of the southbound lanes. The other accident involved a car and a semi truck on I-64 westbound near the Watterson Expressway. Injuries were reported. Rain and wet roads may be a factor in these accidents.

One Child Killed & Other Children Injured In Carlisle County, Kentucky Bus Accident

May 17, 2011

A bus accident in Bardwell, Kentucky occurred after returning from taking children to an outing in Paducah, Kentucky. A bus lost control went off the road and rolled several times. One child is reported to have died at the scene, and other children were injured and taken to the hospital. The driver of the bus and an adult chaperone were both airlifted to hospitals due to their injuries.

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Kentucky Woman Hits Child With Her Car & Then Flees the Scene Of The Accident

May 14, 2011

A Louisville, Kentucky woman, Christy Purtilar, who resides on Blue Lick Road, has pled not guilty to charges of leaving the scene of an accident, failing to render aid or assistance, operating a motor vehicle without insurance, and operating a motor vehicle on a suspended license, after the car she was driving hit and injured a 7 year old child. The accident happened on Wheeler Avenue around 7:12 p.m. The child was transported with injures to Kosair Children's Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky.

In cases like this where the negligent driver does not have insurance, there are still numerous source of recovery for the injured party and there family to examine when seeking to be compensated for the medical bills and pain & suffering from accidents where children or pedestrians are injured by negligent drivers without insurance.

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Louisville, Kentucky: Driver Runs Read Light & Kills One Woman & Injures Five Others

May 13, 2011

An automobile accident occurred Thursday around 5:30 p.m. in Louisville, Kentucky at the intersection of Southern Parkway and New Cut Road. The car wreck occurred near Iroquois Park. Witnesses reported that a blue Toyota Matrix was traveling south on Southern Parkway at a high rate of speed and ran through a red light. The Toyota then hit two other cars that were traveling northbound on New Cut Road. The cars on New Cut Road had a green traffic light and the right-a-way through the intersection. The cars hit by the Toyota were a Chrysler Sebring and a Dodge Stratus. The driver of the Chrysler Sebring was died at the scene of the accident. The passenger of the Chrysler and three others were taken to University of Louisville Hospital with serious injures.

This is a car wreck that is clearly the fault of the driver of the Toyota Matrix. The family of the driver of the Chrysler will have a wrongful death claim from this accident. The passenger from the Chrysler and the other three injured persons will have personal injury claims against the driver of the Toyota. Even if a person injured was a passenger in the Toyota, they will still have a claim against its driver, as the driver was the one in control of the vehicle and is the negligent at fault party for this terrible wreck. Damages from this accident, which will stem from legal claims against the driver of the Toyota will vary depending upon the circumstances, but all parties should be entitled to their medical bills, lost wages, pain & suffering, and with regards to the death of the driver of the Chrysler, the family will have a claim of a lifetime of lost earning capacity and potential loss of consortium claims.

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Wayne County, Kentucky Car Wreck Kills Three After Head-on Auto Accident

May 9, 2011

A car accident in Wayne County, Kentucky has killed three people and sent the at fault driver to the hospital with injuries. The accident occurred on Ky-90 after the driver of a Ford F250 pickup lost control on the wet road, crossed over into the lane of on-coming traffic, and struck a Pontiac Grand Am head-on. The Grand Am's driver, Ryan C. Bell, age 19, of Monticello, and his passengers, Joshua and Kayla Thompson, husband and wife, also of Monticello, were all killed from the injuries sustained from the car wreck.

All three persons killed in this car accident will have wrongful death claims against the driver of the Ford F250. Their Estates will be able to claim lost earning capacities and medical/funeral costs. Damages in each instance will depend upon numerous factors.

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Louisville, Kentucky Man Struck & Killed On Gene Snyder While Changing Flat Tire

May 5, 2011

On Tuesday, a 38 year old man was killed while attempting to change a flat tire along the Gene Snyder Freeway. The accident happened around 10:30 p.m. when a SUV that was merging onto the Gene Snyder from the southbound ramp from Preston Highway. The reports indicate that the driver of the SUV was merging onto the freeway and apparently didn't see the man, who was outside of his vehicle in the emergency lane. This appears to be a case of driver inattentiveness and negligence on the part of the SUV driver. The family of the man struck and killed in this car accident will have a wrongful death claim against the driver of the SUV.

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Louisville Kentucky Motorcyclist Killed, Lets Hope He Had PIP Coverage.

May 4, 2011

A motorcyclist was killed this week in Louisville, Kentucky in hospital curve on I-65. This was a single vehicle accident whereby the motorcycle lost control in the fast lane during the curve. He struck the median wall and was thrown over the wall into the oncoming traffic lanes, where he was killed. The road conditions were wet and the motorcyclist was wearing his helmet. In cases like this, we hope that the motorcyclist had Kentucky No Fault Insurance (PIP) coverage. While PIP coverage is required on all cars and trucks, it is not mandatory on motorcycles. In cases like this where a person is killed and in other cases injured, while riding a motorcycle, PIP is sometimes the only insurance coverage available to help compensate for damages, including lost wages and medical bills. In this case where the rider died, PIP would have afforded his family compensation for his funeral or lost wages.

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Louisville Kentucky Auto Accident Caused By Car Crossing Center Lines Into Oncoming Traffic

May 3, 2011

A car wreck has caused the death of one woman and hospitalized another after the vehicle of a 44 year old woman from Freeport, Illinois crossed over the center line of the road and struck a red Ford Explorer of a 50 year old woman. The 44 year old, who was driving a Kia Optima, was killed in the accident, and the woman driving the Ford explore was taken to University of Louisville Hospital for her injures.

It is still unclear what caused the Illinois woman to allow her car to drift into the lane of oncoming traffic, and witnesses state that they tried to alert the woman of her driving error just prior to the accident occurring. The car crash occurred on Manslick Road and Third Street. According to the initial reports, this accident is the fault of the Illinois woman, who should be responsible under Kentucky law to compensate the driver of the Ford Explorer for her medical bills, lost wages, and pain & suffering.

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Cynthiana Kentucky Driver's Inattentiveness Causes Head On Car Wreck

May 2, 2011

It has been reported that a car accident on Highway 356 in Harrison County, Kentucky has resulted in the hospitalization of a couple from Sadieville. The couple were traveling eastbound on Hwy 356 when a man driving a truck westbound reached down to pick something up off the floor of his truck. When the truck's driver looked back at the road, he had drifted into the lane of oncoming traffic and struck the Sadieville couple's vehicle head-on. The truck's driver was not seriously injured, but the couple were injured and airlifted to UK Hospital.

This accident appears to be a clear case of driver inattentiveness. When on takes their eyes and attention from the road, while driving, terrible accidents can happen. Many drivers take for granted the severity of even brief moments of not paying 100% attention to their driving. In this case, the injured couple have paid a severe price for the other driver's momentary lapse in his responsibilities.

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