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Kentucky Car Wrecks Due To Drivers' Lose Of Control & Then Overcorrection

April 30, 2011

Kentucky State Police have reported two recent accidents which are believed to be the fault of driver overcorrection after losing control of their vehicle.

On Ky-44, Charity Waldridge lost control of her vehicle at the intersection of Ky-1060 after she overcorrected her vehicle and entered the westbound lane of Ky-44. Her car struck another vehicle driven by Billy White. Mr. White was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. A juvenile was also injured in this accident.

On Ky-1295, in Madison County, Kentucky, a car wreck has also happened due to driver overcorrection. Brandon Gross, age 18, of Richmond, Kentucky, was reported to have been driving east on Ky-1295 when his car partially left the roadway. Gross appears to have overcorrected and then entered the westbound lane, which caused a collision with a car driven by Garland Adams, age 61, of Stanford, Kentucky. Mr. Adams was flown to UK Medical Center where he died.

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Louisville, Kentucky: Three Hurt & One Killed In Downtown Car Accident

April 29, 2011

A car accident in Downtown Louisville, Kentucky has resulted in the death of one and injury of three others. Rogerick Sellers of the 2800 block Rowan Street died from injuries he sustained after being ejected from his car during an auto accident. Sellers' Chevy Camaro had struck a Chrysler Pacifica on Roy Wilkens Avenue. The passenger in Sellers' car and the driver and passenger of the other vehicle were all taken to the hospital to treat for injuries. Reports point to the accident being Sellers' fault.

At this point, based upon the information available, the driver of the Pacifica, the passenger of the Pacifica, and even the passenger of Sellers' vehicle will all likely have personal injury claims against Sellers' insurance company.

Sam's Club Settles Hispanic Discrimination Case

April 22, 2011

Sam's Club, a national retailer, has settled a discrimination case alleging that 9 Hispanic employees of its Fresno, CA location were discriminated and harassed by fellow workers based upon their being Hispanic. The allegations were that for an extended period of time, these employees were subjected to regular disparaging remarks about Mexicans from a Mexican-American Co-worker. The EEOC claimed that since 2005 these workers regularly underwent insults about Mexicans. The case was settled for a collective sum of $440,000.00.

This appears to have been a co-worker on co-worker discrimination claim, which went on for an extended period of time, and was considered severe and pervasive in the workplace. The claims likely involved that Sam's Club knew of and/or should of know of the discrimination and failed to take action to stop it.

Kentucky Woman Sentenced To 35 Years For DUI Related Death

April 21, 2011

A Louisville Kentucky woman has been sentenced to 35 years in jail for the DUI related death of an 11 year old boy. The child was riding his bike through a neighborhood when he was struck and killed by an automobile. The driver of the car was reported to have a blood alcohol level of .266, which is over three times the legal limit.

People who injure others due to DUI related accidents can not only be punished criminally, but also civilly. The victims and/or the families of the victims can bring civil lawsuits claiming damages for personal injury matters and wrongful death claims. These types of cases help the victims and their families pay medical bills, lost wages, and other economic losses. These cases also send a message to the community that DUIs won't be tolerated, and financially punish the offenders.

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Kentucky Woman Run Over & Killed By Car While Walking On Sidewalk

April 20, 2011

999679_the_sidewalk.jpgA 76 year old woman, Norma McAuliffe, was killed this week while walking down the sidewalk. The accident occurred in the middle of the day as the victim walked down Hikes lane near Breckenridge Lane. The woman was on the sidewalk when a Saturn vehicle lost control, struck other cars and then went up onto the sidewalk, killing McAuliffe. Otherthan the pedestrian's death, no one else was seriously injured in this vehicle accident.

This is a clear case of fault being on the motor vehicle. The pedestrian was doing what she was supposed to, and the Estate of the killed woman will have a wrongful death claim in this case. The wrongful death claim damages that can be sought will depend on numerous factors specific to the victim.

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Louisville, Kentucky Woman Killed By Car While Getting Her Mail

April 14, 2011

A Jefferson County, Kentucky 74 woman died after injuries she sustained from being hit by a car while going to her mailbox. The woman was taken to the hospital after being hit and later died in the hospital. The driver of the car that hit has been reported to have looked away for a moment while driving and then when he looked back, he couldn't avoid the woman who was at her mail box. This is a tragedy and an example of how even the slightest moment of not giving your driving the full attention it needs can result in a tragedy.

In cases where a person is struck by a car, there are numerous insurance factors that come into the equation of compensation for injuries, medical bills, and even a death. Insurance coverage that will need to be examined here will include PIP coverage, UIM coverage, UM coverage, and general liability coverage. These coverage examinations will include those of the driver of the car, those of the victim of the accident, and those of the persons living in the household of both. It is important to examine all potential coverage to ensure that all medical bills and damages are paid, in order to insure that the victim and her family are not left with expenses from this tragedy.

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Adair County, Kentucky Auto Accident Death

April 13, 2011

Larry West, of Russell County, Kentucky, has been killed in an auto accident. His wife, Rebecca West, is in serious condition. Larry was pronounced dead at Westlake Hospital and his wife Rebecca was transported from Westlake to University of Louisville Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. Larry and Rebecca west were residents of Russell Springs, Kentucky.

The West's vehicle was traveling south on KY 55 when it was struck by a vehicle driven by Charles Caldwell of Greensburg. The crash caused the West's vehicle to overturn several times. Caldwell was also treated for injuries and released from Westlake Hospital.

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Johnson & Johnson Admits To Bribing Doctors

April 12, 2011

The durg manufactiuring giant Johnson & Johnson has admitted to bribing European doctors in relation to its medicines and drugs. It has agreeed to a multi-million dollar settlement as a penalty for such. To read more about this, click on the link below.